Sohai Ali Abro’s Motorcycle Girl Biopic All Set to Release Tomorrow

Motorcycle Girl, the story of Zenith Irfan, will be released nationwide tomorrow.

The biopic stars Sohai Ali Abro and follows the daring journey of Zenith Irfan through the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Zenith rode all across the Northern areas on a bike and director Adnan Sarwar depicts her epic journey through his lens in the movie “Motorcycle Girl”.

Sohai Ali Abro plays the role of Zenith and she took extensive bike lessons for the movie.

All of Pakistan had been waiting for Adnan Sarwar’s latest project since it had been announced quite a while back. His last movie, also a biopic, was called “Shah” and since then he has made a mark in the industry.

What is to be noticed about Motorcycle Girl is that finally Sohai Ali Abro has decided to break free of her usual romanticized roles. We will see a different side of Sohai with this role as it will be totally new. No glamour, dance or songs to make this biopic interesting, it all comes down to direction, screenplay and acting.

Zenith is the face of change and breaking taboos in Pakistani society.

When Adnan Sarwar decided to make a biopic on Zenith’s journey he also decided to break some stereotypes. How many times have you seen a woman ride a bike even in the biggest cities of the country? Hardly any women have the guts to do that and Zenith did that in the remotest areas of the country. People there do not even let there women out of the house!

The movie is set to release on 20th of April, 2018 and we have very high hopes associated with the production.

Adnan Sarwar has written a fictional script that revolves around the original tour Motorcycle Girl Zenith took. The script might not be the most important part of the movie but we still have things we can take from it. It will humanize Zenith Irfan’s character for all of us and we might find it relatable.

Such movies are important because we need to provide female role models for our young girls.

Women like Zenith who break societal bonds and do whatever they feel like doing are a rare breed in Pakistan. Sohai Ali Abro also showed great respect for her and hopes that she does justice to the strength and passion of Zenith’s personality. She feels like such a role will help her grow professionally. Sohai wants young girls to look up to her character so that we can see more Motorcycle Girls in the future.

We wish the movie actors and the director all the best for the release.


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