Saba Qamar Just Gave a “Karara Jawab” to Mahira Khan and Her 100 Crore Film

Saba Qamar’s movie “Hindi Medium” has topped all records at the box office. It even surpassed “Raess” in gross earnings.

Saba Qamar is a proud Pakistani actress right now as her Bollywood venture with Irrfan Khan has been really successful. The movie “Hindi Medium” has been performing well on the box office and has crossed the gross earnings of Mahira Khan’s “Raess”.

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While both actresses are amazing the competition between them does not seem to be very healthy.

Saba Qamar posted this on her Instagram to announce how well her movie is performing overall. She also posted another image with the caption:

Q: Kia ap ki filmain bhi hein 100 crore kamati? A: Yes. I don’t like insulting jokes! #respectoneanother #nocomparisonplease”

Saba Qamar

So if you have no idea what this is all about don’t worry. Saba Qamar happened to remember the rap battle segment between Mahira Khan and Osman Khalid Butt in the 2017 LUX Style Awards.

Mahira Khan happened to have said the same words that Saba quoted in her post in that rap battle. While Mahira may or may not have intended to point Saba Qamar in that battle is a mystery but Saba did take it at heart. Coming a year after the original rap battle, Saba Qamar’s dig at Mahira Khan does seem a little petty to us.

Here is Mahira Khan’s rap battle performance that Saba Qamar thought was an “insulting joke”:

Osman Khalid Butt was the writer of this rap battle and Moroo was the music producer. Obi came up with a full fledged explanation on his Instagram.

Saba Qamar

Mahira Khan has not said anything about this small gossip episode and Saba and Osman’s initial posts have now also been deleted. The actresses are both amazing at what they do but this is in no way a means to a healthy competition.

Raess and Hindi Medium were both amazing movies where Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar made us proud.

The industry is highly competitive and we understand the pressure that the actresses might sometimes feel. Taking digs at each other through social media is however petty coming from any side. Osman Khalid Butt even so much as told Saba Qamar that he tries to clear the air during Baaghi shoot. If that had happened then Saba should have just let it go.

After the explanation Saba Qamar deleted the post and the whole thing was let go. In the future though, our celebrities need to understand that a joke is casual and should be taken that way.

Lagging the small one-liner joke in a meaningless rap battle for a year and waiting for the right moment for a rebuttal. How long did Saba Qamar hold on to this one?


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