All of Patari Leadership Resigns as the Company Allegedly Restores a Sexual Harasser back as CEO

Here is how it all started.

It all began when two women came and posted their side of the story on twitter. They both accused Khalid of inappropriate behavior.

Mehravar Ali posted on her Twitter that Bajwa made her uncomfortable with unwelcoming hugs.

She said that she had to block him after trying her best to avoid him. Mehravar added that she felt uncomfortable and overpowered by the man twice her age.

In another post on her twitter account, she said that he gave her unwelcoming hugs. She asked her to meet him alone as well. She said that she thought now is the right time to speak up and save other girls.

As its normal in our society to question victim more than harasser. Mehravar was also falsely accused of lying. So, to prove herself she had to post the screenshots of the conversation with Bajwa.

Written by Aqsa Maryam

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