All of Patari Leadership Resigns as the Company Allegedly Restores a Sexual Harasser back as CEO


    However, the company denied these rumors and said they still stick of their previous decision.

    The company denied all the rumors and posted their official statement on their Twitter handle.

    They added that they are also ready to answer any query if someone has personally.

    The new update is that the company has appointed a new interim CEO.

    The company appointed, Ahmar Naqvi, a new interim CEO. This new was broken by Rabeel Waraich, CEO of Sarmayacar. Sarmayacar is a prime investor behind Patari.

    Another #MeToo moment in Pakistan.

    This incident was another #metoo moment in the country. Where women spoke up for themselves and reminded the harasser of it real position. The role of the company is also appreciable in this matter.


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