Looks Like Pakistanis Are Determined To Make It Worst Country For Animals



    In recent times, many cases of animal abuse in Pakistan have surfaced. Although we are moving ahead to make a Naya Pakistan, it seems some people have other plans. It is against the principles of our religion and humanity in general. It should be considered murder and the culprits should be punished accordingly. Recently, an incident happened in Hyderabad where an innocent dog was shot.



    While testing his airgun, a guy shot down a dog.

    Mostly used to hunting and pest control, airguns are very popular in Pakistan. So much so that there are clubs formed and they have their official Facebook groups. On one of these groups, a guy from Hyderabad posted a video clip. In this video, he is seen testing his airgun on a dog which dies instantly after being shot.

    However, when people called him out on this horrendous act, he deleted the video.


    Although he tried erasing the proof, some people saved it the video.

    One of the NGOs working for animals right called Innocent Pets Shelter Welfare Society posted the video on their Facebook page. They have demanded justice for this innocent dog and wants the culprit punished. After they posted the video, it is going viral on social media.


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