You’re Gonna Wanna See this #FineBrownMen and #FineBrownWomen Twitter Trends


Desis are stealing hearts with hashtags Fine Brown Men and Fine Brown Women on Twitter.

Desis have always been obsessed with white complexion. It has been a symbol of beauty among them since forever. However, they realized how beautiful their skin is and are also now embracing it. They started posting their pictures with the hashtags of Fine Brown Men and Fine Brown Women on twitter.

Oh man were they fine!

People are just wowing over the sizzling hot pictures of brown people all over twitter.

It all started when someone realized that he needs to show brown beauty to the world.

And, we are not complaining!


Beware, your Roza is in danger.

Oh those eyes!

This hashtag is definitely incomplete without Lala.

Warning! scroll on your own risk, killer smile ahead.

Girls are putting #FineBrownMen to better use by looking for their rishtas.

These brown men are keeping girls busy scrolling through Twitter looking for their perfect rishta.

Soon, girls got into the trend too with the Fine Brown Women hashtag.

Desi girls started a new hashtag #FineBrownWomen. They are also posting their gorgeous pictures on twitter. While, showing the world who the Queen is. And, we can’t stop looking at those gorgeous pictures.

And, Oh my!!

Isn’t she the perfect Desi Girl!

This girl is serving charm for iftar today.

Love that flawless skin.


Someone just knows how exactly it’s going to end.

While brown men and women are posting their heavenly images. Someone came up with the conclusion of how all this will end.

However, we are totally loving this new trend. Can’t stop scrolling through those divine images. Browns are definitely proving how incredibly beautiful they all are. Though it can actually end up as a perfect rishta finding hashtag. Might put an end to the worries of brown parents.

Written by Aqsa Maryam

Someone obsessed with online shopping, always waiting for the delivery guy. Favorite place in the whole world is my room. I can stay there alone all day long looking at the walls and will still enjoy it.
Another obsession is my nephew. Because of him, i know all the baby rhymes.

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