From Karbala to Najaf – The Story of the Trip of a Lifetime


    I had the privilege to visit the Holy Lands of Karbala, Najaf, Kufa, Hilla, and Samarra a while back and it is safe to say I am still in an austere awe.

    The trip changes something inside of you as your faith tilts, and shifts, and revamps itself all on its own.

    You go there empty-handed and you come back with a heart that is full of contentment and is at ease. I left a part of me there and the longing to be reunited with those places ignites like a fire within me.

    The first stop, Karbala, needs no introductions. The place screams of its religious and historic importance in the world. It is an enigma and a curious irony in its own right. A place that took everything away from our Imam Hussain (as), is now the same place people go to get everything. The same place that kept my Imam Hussain (as) thirsty for three days, now has chilled water coolers and sabeels every step of the way.

    Karbala makes you feel as if you are being taken care of by a presence so huge you cannot understand it.


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