From Karbala to Najaf – The Story of the Trip of a Lifetime


    The never ending supplies of haqeeq and durr e Najaf stones can be found in the market right outside the haram. Najaf has the power to encapsulate your attention for your entire life. The golden dome and minarets might not be the tallest of them all but they will take you to unbelievable spiritual heights.

    karbala and najaf

    During the Iraq trip I also visited Kufa and its many important mosques, Hilla, Kazimiyyah and Samarra.

    Masjid e Kufa is a sight and the eternal sadness of Masjid al Hanannah will leave you shattered too.

    There are so many religiously and historically important places in Iraq. Such a shame that the country has been stricken by war and the pain it inflicts. Most of the places you will visit have been well restored as the Iraqi government pays special attention to the Holy places.

    I had the privilege to meet Ayatollah Basheer Hussain Najafi, who gave a sermon and a Durr e Najaf as gifts to all Zairs. What he said is the truest thing I have heard:

    “If this trip and Imam Hussain’s welcome does not change you then you must think there’s something wrong with your Nafs and character. Hussain’s (as) welcoming arms are the type to even change Hurr, so are your sins bigger?”

    May you be one of those people the Ahl ul Bayt seem fit for their Ziyarah. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad and His Household.


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