Rumor Has It That Former First Lady Of Pakistan Is No More

    Kulsoom Nawaz

    Whenever Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif found himself in trouble, his better-half, Kulsoom Nawaz became his support and strength. In 1999, when Nawaz Sharif was exiled from Pakistan, his wife became his voice and right arm. However, she was diagnosed with lymphoma in Agust 2017. Since then, she is in London for her treatment. And now rumor has it that Kulsoom Nawaz passed away in July.


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    According to Wikipedia, Kulsoom Nawaz has passed away.

    Like every famous and popular personality, she also has a Wikipedia page. According to this, Kulsoom Nawaz passed away on 14th July of this year. Although the website is not the most reliable source of information, it cannot be completely ignored. According to the Sharif family, she is in critical condition and on the ventilator. However, they also say that she is in relatively better condition. We just don’t know what to believe!



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