Load Wedding Teaser Is Out And Here’s Everything To Look Forward To In The Movie

Load Wedding Teaser

Live Love and Dance with Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat on this Bari Eid. The upcoming movie ‘Load Wedding” has just released its teaser, showing Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat dancing, laughing and in love!

The Teasers opens up with a naïve yet deadly statement:

Marriage is an adventure like going to War.

The teaser starts with the Jeeto Pakistan Anchor, Fahad Mustafa, in a very casual and desi style.

Source: You Tube

Moving ahead, the Punjab Nahin Jaungi actress, Mehwish Hayat, gives her entry in a typical ‘gaon ki larki’ attire and look.

Source: You Tube

And oh that boyish grin with the deadly mustache on top is a killer look. Watch out ladies, Fahad is out to kill in that look in Load Wedding Teaser.

Source: You Tube

Meanwhile, the chemistry between the two melts every heart

Source: You Tube

Also, there are bhangras and thumkas

Source: You Tube
Source: You Tube

In addition to it, the whole family is dancing and celebrating.

Source: You Tube

Moreover, the leading actor cannot seem to control his joy of getting married.

Source: You Tube

Among st all the happiness and celebrations, the teaser takes a twist with everyone crying in different scenes.  Meanwhile, Fahad Mustafa is likely to make the crowd tearful in this scene.

Source: You Tube

The movie has all the drama, romance and music a movie demands. On top of it, Load Wedding has the industry most loved and appreciated leading actor and actress. Load Wedding Teaser, makes the audience laugh, fall in love and put them on the edge with the twist of sadness and tears on the end. Furthermore, Fahad Mustafa in his desi look and Mehwish Hayat in “gaon ki larki’ look is a completely different role the audience is going to see on big screen. With days counting till Eid ul Azha, the teaser has done a good job in raising the audience’s expectations high!

Lets Live Love and Dance this Eid ul Azha!

Written by Saima Naveed

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