All the Myths and Misconceptions about Shia Muslims – BUSTED


    Young Shia People Fornicate on Shaam e Gharibaan Majlis

    This one is the worst of them all and till date no explanation as to where this atrocious rumor came from has surfaced. Apparently someone thought it was cool to make spicy stories up and people will just believe anything! So to debug this concocted story, I will invite everyone to attend a Sham-e-gharibaan majlis literally in any Imam Bargah of your choice.

    Sham-e-gharibaan is the evening of 10th Muharram, after the Battle of Karbala. Only children and women of Imam Hussain’s family were left. Their tents were burned and they were treated harshly. The remembrance of the most difficult night of Ahl ul Bayt’s life is what happens at that Majlis.

    These myths associated with the Shia sect that do far too many rounds. These are the untrue, baseless and unacceptable misconceptions about Shia Islam. If you know any more and want us to bust them, tell us in the comments.


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