Saba Qamar’s Hot BTS Photo Leak Causes Stirs on the Internet

Her colleagues came forward and spoke up in her defense.

Saba Qamar has raised her voice on every issue very openly. When Mahira Khan faced hatred on her BTS video, she showed her support with a shoot.

however, she did not comment on this incident and said nothing in her defense. However, her colleagues and friends came forward and defended her.

Osman Khalid Butt, like always, spoke up and bashed the person behind the leaked photos.

He has always spoken up in the favor of her female colleagues and did the same this time as well.

Adnan Siddique also came forward and showed his support for his friend, Saba.

Ali Ijaz also showed his support for Saba Qamar and posted about it on his Instagram.

Indeed, it was a very indecent move by whoever leaked these pictures.

Leaking someone’s pictures is a very indecent act. Before blaming the person in the pictures, we should question the one behind it. Another important point to be raised is that why only female celebrities become a victim of such acts. The change in mentality has become a necessity.


Written by Aqsa Maryam

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