Syra and Shahroz Dancing Moves on Friend’s Mehndi have Stolen Our Heart.


In one video, Syra and Shahroz are seen dancing on “Bhare bazaar”.

After their dancing videos people starting loving the song even.


In another video, this power couple is dancing on “Jaani Tera Naa”.

Palwasha Yousaf, sister of Syra, was also seen dancing with them on this song. It was a well-coordinated and choreographed dance.

After this power couple, we saw dance moves by saali behnoye on the dance floor.

Palwasha Yousaf and Shahroz also danced for Syra’s friend’s mehndi. They danced on “dil chori sadha ho gaya”. It’s the same song on which Syra and Shahroz danced for a family wedding.



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