Zaid Ali Just Trolled Sham Idrees On Twitter And We Are Laughing So Hard

Zaid Ali trolled Sham Idrees

With the evolution of social media, we saw millions of internet sensations emerging. If your family and friends think you’re funny, they advise you to make a youtube channel. Therefore, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is a YouTuber. Similarly, we have seen many Pakistani YouTubers with thousands of followers. Among these, Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees are pretty well-known. They have made a very strong fan following. Recently, Zaid Ali trolled Sham Idrees on Twitter and people are losing it.

Written by Mehak Zahra

31 year old mother of a boy. Lover of films, books, words, history, art, nature, stories. Dreamer and a very flawed person.

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